Tokyo looks to tighten entry rules in preparation for the Olympic Games


The Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games (TOCOG) has proposed to Japanese authorities to tighten the rules for entry into the country. If necessary, an entire delegation can be isolated if any of its members test positive for the coronavirus.

The initiative was launched by TOCOG Executive Director Hidemasa Nakamura after two members of the Ugandan Olympic team were diagnosed with COVID-19.

Олимпиада в Токио

The first case was detected in one of the members of the team upon arrival in Tokyo on June 19. The infected individual was immediately isolated from the rest of the team. However, a second case was discovered after the team had already moved to Osaka.

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After this incident, the TOCOG came under criticism for not isolating the entire delegation immediately after the first positive case was detected.

As a result of this, Nakamura assures that rules of action in such situations will be developed so that it will be possible to immediately isolate the entire team.

The Ugandan Olympic team was the second delegation to arrive in Japan after the Australian women’s softball team. The latter team, however, was fully vaccinated for COVID-19 before arrival. Participants need to present two negative COVID-19 test results before being cleared.


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