Announcement of the 3rd African Martial Arts 2020 Webinar “Martial Arts for African Youth and Women”


November 24-25, 2020, is set for the 3rd African Martial Arts Webinar. It was designed by the UNESCO International Center for Martial Arts (ICM)  in collaboration with the UNESCO Member States in Africa and its National Commissions for UNESCO.

The online platform’s primary purpose is to discuss the current issues and concerns of African youth and women faced, increasing recognition of the positive role of martial arts and their education, and the changing model of martial arts education and its countermeasures in the post-COVID-19 era.

3rd African Martial Arts Seminar2
3rd African Martial Arts Seminar /

“It is a privilege for me to participate in the 2020 3rd African Martial Arts Web Seminar (Webinar). Presenting at the theme of Martial Arts for African Youth and Women  Session 1 – the topic of Current Problems and Challenges that African Youth and Women faced. During session 1, I will review the issues that face women and youth in Sudan who are practicing martial arts, including the absence of national sports policy and other issues,” said Ali Hussien co-founder & CEO of 3S Sports Services Sudan.

Following the successful holding of the 1st and 2nd African Regional Martial Arts Congresses in Kenya in 2018 and Ghana in 2019, the third Congress was held in Harare, Zimbabwe. However, ICM decided to have a third meeting via the Internet due to the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic, which remains uncertain.

This year’s webinar expects to bring together about 20 experts from the African Member States of UNESCO and in youth education and the empowerment of women and related to martial arts on the African continent.

The pre-registration link is HERE.

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Ali Hussien
Co-founder & CEO of 3S Sports Services Sudan

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