The Futics League – A summary of the first season and a preview of what’s to come


Earlier, we wrote about a sixteen-year-old prodigy who created a football club and football league in the capital city of Ukraine. Less than half a year later, the first season of the Futics League ended triumphantly for the said prodigy’s club, which won the final match in a penalty shootout against FC Sheffield.

More details about the final game with comments from players and tournament organizers can be found HERE 

Was it really worth it? 

From an outsider’s perspective, it would seem to be a definite yes. The final game was attended by more than a hundred people, among them photographers, journalists, friends and fans. For an inaugural season of an amateur football league, having more than a dozen clubs interested in participating just in the city of Kyiv, is a good, if not outstanding, result.  

We spoke with Danilo to discuss with him all the details regarding the results of the first season and his future plans.:

Can you briefly describe the first season of the Futics League?

The debut season turned out to be great. I think not many can boast of such a result in the first season. Yes, I will not deny that there were many difficulties in the organization, but this was our first time to do such a thing. And thanks to the issues we encountered, we became smarter and more experienced. We will take all these into account in solving our blunders for the future. And the most important thing is that we gave people a shared experience. We gave them an idea of what it’s like to compete in a football league. 

Futics league game/ Sviatoslav 

What difficulties did you face during the League?

There were so many problems that they cannot be counted with one hand. For example, in the first round, we did not factor in the timing of the sunset such that the last match of the day had to be played in a semi-dark environment since there was no special lighting at the pitch. Also, a very memorable moment was when the entire stadium was covered with snow of more than 10 centimeters the night before the games. Thanks to the understanding and patience of the teams and their players, we managed to clear the snow pretty quickly. The spectacle was pretty interesting, instead of a match at 11:00 AM, people had “a view of 40 people” cleaning the football field from snow.

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How do you like the final game and its outcome?

This game deserves to be called the final! An incredible number of chances, many serious strikes, and the most incredible climax at the end of the game. I think this would not have happened if that match had not been well attended with such warm support for both teams. I think that FC Predator deserved this victory, despite their fortune in the final game.

FC Predator
Before the game – FC Predator/ Sviatoslav 

Danylo, what are your plans for the next season?

Unfortunately, it was not possible to fully implement all the plans that we had conceived for the first season. But, we are not in despair because we know that as long as we go towards our goals, we will succeed eventually. I’m talking about the fact that we planned on having ten teams but only ended up with six. Despite having as many as 21 teams submit preliminary applications, we were not able to accommodate many of them since we wanted to hold the championship in a calm mode and at a convenient time for everyone.

When does the second season of the Futics League begin? How long will it last? What is the format of the Championship?

The second season starts on June 6. On this day, the first official match of the summer season, the Super Cup, will take place. It will host the winners of the Futics League, FC Predator, and the winner of the regular season Fk Trep.

After that, from June 13 and every Sunday thereafter, Championship matches and Cup matches will take place. The season will last a little less than three months, and during this time, the teams will play two rounds of the Championship and the Fenhel Cup. The Fenhel Cup is our league’s cup tournament, which got its name from the sponsor Fenhel Shop.

Tournament table of Futics League
The Futics League standings

Are there any new modifications are you implementing in your Championship?

There are a lot of things. We are moving into a regular football (11×11) format. Also, a rather important development is the broadcast of matches with infographics.

The refereeing will now only be done by qualified individuals. A wonderful surprise is also to be expected – our very own multifunctional website. However, we are having some delays with the developer. We hope that our website will be up by the start of the Championship so that it can become a convenient and helpful tool in our Championship.

Also, we now have a telegram channel that will work online and report every goal scored in the matches of the Futics League.

Futics League
Players and fans of the Futics League

Furthermore, each player in our Championship has his own player ID. This is done so that the declared player can confirm his identity and show the match referee that the player is eligible to participate.

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FC Predator… Has the Championship line-up changed a lot? Will there be a FC PREDATOR-2?

I think Predator is a truly unique team. The football club has what the entire modern world desires – social networks. And they are maintained at a very high level. Since I am the creator of the team and the league, I constantly review dozens of leagues throughout Ukraine and hundreds of teams of both amateur and professional levels. Take AFLU (Amateur Football League of Ukraine) for instance where half of the teams do not think at all about SMM promotion of their team, although they are fighting for the status of a professional club. Yes, they can have a lot of excellent players which can help them win, but how long will they stay and how high will they rise without internet promotion? All Ukrainian teams must learn to promote their brand because, without it, many teams will disappear. No sponsors = no money = no team.

FC Predator
Pre-game warm-up, FC Predator/ Sviatoslav 

This is my personal opinion, and I am not saying that this is necessarily true for all. I speak as a person who has not climbed out of club sites for six months and reads a lot of information about football in our country.

Regarding a Predator-2 squad, this would be excellent. If there are two people for this business, then anything is possible. I don’t think it’s overly necessary to assemble a team for this purpose though.

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With which football leagues in Kyiv does Futics League intersect and compete with?

We have recently become partners with the most popular amateur league in Ukraine – KSL Kyiv. It is not entirely correct to consider them competitors since they have a different format for holding tournaments – 5×5 and 8×8. But in any case, teams have the freedom to choose either mini-football or the full-fledged 11×11 format. If they favor the mini-football format, then of course, even if they are our partners, we can consider them as competitors. There are a lot of other leagues with other designs. But if we are talking about real competitors of our format, from big football teams, we have two competitors – HFL (Christian Football League) and WSL Kyiv (Weekend SuperLeague).

Futics League
First round of the Futics League tournament

Before the start of the second season, you got sponsors and partners. How did you manage to seal the deals?

There were several proposals from the sponsors themselves but we did not reach an agreement. Also, a two-week preparation was carried out to look for sponsors on our own. We received a response from most of the inquiries but the conditions did not suit either the company to which we offered cooperation or us. Whatever the case was, we have three worthy sponsors: SPOSRTS4WORLD (media partner of Futics League), FENHEL-SPORT (Barter sponsor) and Football Tablet (Tactical sponsor of the Futics League).

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Danilo, thank you very much for the interview! The Sports4World team wishes you every success in the new season and the growth and development of Futics League!

As a partner of the Futics League, we will happily cover the highlights of the second season on and on our social networks.

Edited by Aldo Tong

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