A rugby player knocked out an opponent and provoked a massive brawl (video)


The scandal happened during the 11th tour of the England rugby championship match between Salford and Leeds Rhinos.

One of the game moments in the duel turned into a conflict between its participants Lee Mossop and Konrad Harrell. The second hit the first with his fist after he played too hard against him.

Драка в регбийном матче

It was not enough for Harrell, and he again tried to attack the opponent, but he suddenly missed a decisive blow. Konrad was knocked out and lost consciousness for a few seconds.

After that, a massive brawl ensued on the field with the participation of players from both teams. Following the incident, Mossop was removed from the field.

Interestingly, when Lee left the field, Harrell ran up to him, whom he knocked out a few moments ago. Suddenly, Konrad did not sort things out further but gave him a hand. Mossop handed him his in response.


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