Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather Exhibition Match Confirmed

Following the successful conquest of fellow YouTube star and brother Jake Paul on former UFC star Ben Askren, Logan Paul is set to face undefeated former quintuple world champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. in an exhibition match on June 6 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

The retired boxer announced this on his official Instagram page.

Логан Пол и Флойд Майвезер
Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather / source

On May 6, at the press conference for the anticipated event, Jake Paul took the opportunity to confront Mayweather and provoke him by taking off the latter’s cap and running away with it in the midst of the press. Mayweather chased and pounced on the YouTuber for the “disrespectful” act before both parties were held back by their security staff. After the skirmish, Mayweather was repeatedly heard saying he would kill Paul.

To commemorate the incident, Jake Paul decided to get himself a tattoo with a “gotcha cap” as shown in the vlogger’s Instagram account.

Тату кепки на ноге Джейка Пола
Jake Paul’s tattoo/ source

Paul later explains his antics on Twitter by saying that he “stole his hat because he steals peoples money with boring fights.”

The fight was originally set for February 20 but was postponed due to the pandemic. According to the agreement, Mayweather should weigh no more than 72.5 kg and Paul no more than 86.2 kg.

Логан Пол
Logan Paul / source

Logan Paul began his professional boxing career in November 2019 when he faced British YouTuber KSI. The two internet stars fought each other in 2018 in an amateur match that ended in a draw. The rematch, a professional one, ended with KSI prevailing over the American.
With over 23 million subscribers in Paul’s YouTube channel, the coming match with Mayweather is slated to be a blockbuster event.

Флойд Майвезер
Floyd Mayweather / source

Floyd Mayweather Jr. entered the professional ring on October 11, 1996 before retiring in 2017 at 44 years old. His last fight was against MMA star Conor McGregor who debuted in boxing. Following that match, Mayweather closed his account with a beautiful fiftieth victory and no defeats in a long, lucrative career. After that, he began to participate exclusively in exhibition matches.

What is an exhibition match?

An exhibition match is one that takes place outside the framework of any sports organization. The result of such a match is not included in the official records.

Who else can get into the ring against Mayweather?

A possible match is with Jake Paul. Mayweather said that he is ready to go against the vlogger if he defeats Ben Askren. The younger Paul knocked out the said opponent in the first round on April 17, 2021.

Another possible opponent is famous rapper 50 Cent. As is the case of Jake Paul, this became known through a post on Mayweather’s Instagram page. According to him, the rapper wants to meet him in the ring but considers him too small.

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