Jake Paul Sets Sight on Diaz and McGregor


YouTube star Jake Paul has long considered his match with Ben Askren as a stepping stone to UFC stars like Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor. After his stunning victory over Askren,  Paul seems to be primed for a showdown with Diaz.

Nate Diaz and Jake Paul
Nate Diaz and Jake Paul / source

Paul and Diaz have been engaged in a word war on Twitter dating back to December 2020 where Paul tweeted “You saw what happened to the other Nate” / twitter

In response to Diaz who considered Paul a joke. The “other Nate” Paul was referring to was former NBA star Nate Robinson who he defeated via knockout in a boxing match a few weeks before the exchange.

Diaz responded to Paul by tagging his older brother and fellow YouTube star, Logan Paul, and asking him to “check this little ho bitch before someone does.” / twitter

But Paul further provoked Diaz by spamming his account with a number of videos of him sparring against AJ Agazarm, one of the products of the Nick Diaz Academy in California. Paul concluded this with a tweet “I really beat your boy up.” / twitter

Despite the hype, a contract has yet been signed and a fight can happen no earlier than 2022 as Diaz has two more fights left in his UFC contract. Diaz admits though that a match against Paul will happen “at some point.” When this match happens, Paul promises to knock out Diaz in the third round in his first tweet following his mastery over Askren / twitter

Jake Paul and  McGregor 
Jake Paul and  McGregor / source

Back in December, Paul also decided to challenge ex-UFC champion McGregor to a fight by posting a quick expletive-laden video on YouTube and offering $50 million for a meeting with him in the ring

He went on to mock UFC president Dana White in the same video questioning the decision to sign McGregor to a match against Dustin Poirier who he claims has fewer followers on Instagram than his dog. White was also known to have said that a McGregor-Paul match has “zero chance” of happening.
The YouTube star turned boxer certainly wants to bring the best MMA fighters to the boxing ring and put them to shame. For him, boxing is an art, and MMA is just a stupid fight.

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