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Today let’s talk about the most popular sport in the world which successfully presented in Indonesia by one of the most famous local clubs – FC “PERSIB”.

FC PERSIB fans respect
FC PERSIB fans respect / Official website

FC “PERSIB” is a professional football club founded in 1933 and now becomes the biggest football club in Indonesia even in South-East Asia with “digital” fans of more than 18 million people. The club represents the city of Bandung and West-Java province with more than 50 million population.

FC “PERSIB” is looking forward to becoming a platform for football development at all levels. The club continuously seeks to grow millions of fans worldwide. The club has the vision to become a global brand from Sunda land through the mission of becoming a team that can create a champion inside and outside the field.

Rijki Kurniawan and PERSIB players at club on-ground activation (Football For All).
Rijki Kurniawan (Partnership & Activation Supervisor) and PERSIB players at club on-ground activation (Football For All).

Since founded in 1933, FC PERSIB has had a strong record of performance with 7 titles of Indonesia League Championship, 1 title of the women football league, 2 titles youth national league, 1 title President Cup and even the only one of Indonesia football club that could reach Asia Champions League quarter-final in 1996.

The digital perspective

The club has the largest number of digital followers in Indonesia: 4,2 million on Instagram, 9,8 million on Facebook, 3,3 million on Twitter, 1 million on YouTube, and 250K on TikTok. Also, various social media platforms and media are important for the club to engage and get closer with more fans. Currently, the number of interactions with followers on various digital platforms can reach 10 million per month.


During the Covid-19 pandemic fan’s request more quality content. Therefore, FC “PERSIB” seeks to reorient its content strategy to fulfill the fan’s aspirations. Some of the programs that have been produced are: live training, pre-match, friendly matches and also broadcast programs.

FC “PERSIB” during the pandemic Covid-19

Reflecting on the success of European clubs, FC “PERSIB” has started several content projects in collaboration with partners. As a pioneer, the content product that FC “PERSIB” cooperates with is an entertainment program broadcast exclusively through the MAXstream application from Telkomsel.

Match preparation
Indonesian Football Championship – match preparation

Furthermore, various other partners are able to provide mutually beneficial cooperation with partners such as interactive content with prizes. The main aim – to build positive associations with the products.

Indonesian football fans have missed the atmosphere of football over the last eight months. However, there is one lesson that should not be forgotten from this pandemic. Today, we all realize that football is not just a game on the field. In accordance with technological developments, football has another side of the world which is also very potential for industrial development.

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Rijki Kurniawan
Partnership and Activation supervisor of PERSIB

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