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Massive gap seen in transparency of most sports organizations globally.

In an earlier publication, we mentioned about Mauricio Hernandez and his project “Transparencia en el Deporte” in Columbia. The said project is developing well in the Americas and looks to further reach other continents of the world. The project intends to shed light on the pressing problems of sports organizations particularly with corruption and fraud and offers solutions to these problems which hamper the growth and development of sports.

Mauricio Hernandez
Mauricio Hernandez

Here is a video of Transparency in Sports in Columbia which presents The Associated Sports Observatory.

In Transparency in Sports we run the Elite Sport Observatory, an initiative that seeks to make visible the public funding of the national sports system of Colombia in an impartial and independent manner. We analyze contracts between the Ministry of Sports and different state contractors through 11 variables that can be found on our official website (

Thanks to the information obtained through the Observatory, we learned that in 2019, a total of USD 30 million of public resources were allocated to four large sports contractors in Colombia for elite sports. This refers to the structures of private and non-governmental organizations that prepare athletes to win in international competitions, especially in the Olympic Games.

Transparencia en el deporte
Transparencia en el deporte

These organizations, which become contractors of the State, establish cooperative relationships with public authorities to achieve their objectives. This situation generates four risk factors for corruption: 1) the sponsorship of a monopoly by the State; 2) the high discretion in the management of resources by private parties; 3) low accountability inside and within civil society; and, 4) the low participation of athletes in decision-making processes.

Better sports governance by reason of transparency

Our work at the Elite Sport Observatory complies with the Lima Commitment which aims to increase transparency through the use of new technologies applying data visualization and political advocacy. More information can be found here:

Transparencia en el deporte
Transparencia en el deporte

Transparency in Sports is an independent civil society organization that seeks to generate a positive change in sports management thanks to the implementation of Education & Compliance in sports organizations and events.

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