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Lausanne, Switzerland – An Elective Congress of the International Fencing Federation (FIE) took place on November 27 to thresh out further plans for the development of the sport in the coming years. At the top of the agenda of congress was the election of the FIE Executive Committee. Incumbent FIE President Alisher Usmanov was re-elected for a fourth consecutive term.

Congress of the International Fencing Federation (FIE)/

Since 2008, Usmanov, who was born in Uzbekistan, has spearheaded the rapid growth, development, and popularity of the sport all over the world. Today, the FIE comprises of 153 member federations and boasts a full set of medals vied for at the Olympic Games.

How Aida Khasanova overcame the worldwide crisis

The congress also voted for members of various FIE Commissions such as the Refereeing Commission where Aida Khasanova, a representative of Uzbekistan, was voted in.

The election of Khasanova to the FIE Refereeing Commission is a great achievement for the Uzbek and for all Central Asia since this is the first time the region will be represented at such a high body.

Аида Хасанова
Аида Хасанова/

“It is a great honor and responsibility for me to accept this position at the FIE commission,” Khasanova said. “I am very grateful to the representatives of 79 countries who voted for my candidacy. My path in fencing is lit by the inspiration that comes from Alisher Usmanov’s love and devotion to this sport. Fencing is experiencing a golden age of renaissance under his leadership.”

Khasanova is also the first individual from Uzbekistan to receive an international referee license. This paved the way for other judges from Uzbekistan to gain the same distinction.

Аида Хасанова
Аида Хасанова/

Khasanova has had a remarkable year as she became the first fencing referee from Uzbekistan, and even Central Asia, to be called up at the Olympic Games. At the Tokyo Olympics, she was also the only female arbiter representing the entire Asian continent.

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