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At 31, Juan Pablo Alvarado has eight years’ practical experience in sports education. An alumnus of the DTM 3rd batch, he had a niche for sports even as a young boy.  

He went on to earn a Bachelor´s Degree in Physical Education and Sports from the International School of Physical Education and Sport in Cuba. He worked with the Autonomous Sports Confederation of Guatemala and the Guatemalan Olympic Committee. He also practiced as a University Lecturer at the prestigious Universities of Central America. 

Today, Juan Pablo is the director of development for Badminton Pan America, the continental confederation located in Lima, Peru.

Juan Pablo Alvarado
Juan Pablo Alvarado at the DT Seoul Forum 2019

Last autumn, he was one of the recipients of the Best Practice Award at the Dream Together Seoul Forum organized by the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation (KSPO). He was selected in the category for the Best Essay Practice after presenting a proposal on a topic related to Strengthening Organizational Capacity. In the essay, he described how upon his return home, it was necessary to coordinate several efforts made by Sport Federations in his country in order to seek improvements.

 “At the beginning,” he said, “it was very challenging because it means to do things differently than what they were used to do. 

Juan Pablo Alvarado4
Juan Pablo Alvarado presenting his project to the programs commission panelists

“However, by convincing them and working with them during all the process, we could change their perception about the importance of hosting various sports events and the need to do it. So, the Dream Together Forum 2019 was a great experience since the theme was Sport Value and Diffusion to reaffirm the value of sport in an international community where barriers of religion and culture exist. Remarkable sport leaders from all over the world participated and it was very interesting to hear from them.”

A good project proposal, he said, like almost any written project, is a matter of time and patience and editing: once one has written your first draft, revise it, read it, revise it and so on. 

Less, he said, can be more. 

Especially to make an important point.

Juan Pablo Alvarado
Juan Pablo Alvarado – DTM contest award winner

“Make sure,” he said, “that all your examples are directly related to your topic. In addition, I recommend you to make sure that your essay is logically correct and interesting to read. Read your essay to your friends or parents and listen to what they say. Their feedback can help you understand what needs to be improved. Moreover, proofread your essay and fix any grammar mistakes. You won’t be able to win the contest if your essay will be full of typos or have problems with punctuation. Keep in mind to make your essay authentic and original.”

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