Dream Together Seoul Forum – chronology until nowadays


On the eve of the 2020 Dream Together Seoul Forum, which is traditionally held in Seoul under the organization of DTM, we would like to recall all the previous years’ forums and note the key points of them. The tradition of DT Seoul Forum’s started in 2013 with the topic “Sport for Change” and continues to nowadays.

Kang Joon-ho
Professor Joon-ho Kang at the DT Seoul Forum 2018

“DT Seoul Forum is a part of the DTM. It was initiated for two purposes. One is to raise and discuss an essential agenda for global sport. The other is to build a network through which next-generation sports administrators are connected with established sports administrators worldwide. I hope DT Seoul Forum will play a role of a platform where people are connected, and experiences, knowledge, and insights are shared for the global sport development,” director of the Dream Together Masters program Joon-ho Kang said.

For eight years in a row, world names in sports management, science, governance, medicine, journalism, and administration have been coming to DT Seoul Forum. Annually, honored guests and speakers highlight the importance of various sports topics and discuss the problems and solutions.

Let’s check together how it was thru the past years:

2013 Dream Together Forum

2013 snu dtm forum

Topic: Sport for Change

Purpose: To discuss sports development with the topic of sport for a change.


  • Prof. Joon-ho Kang – Department of Sport Science, Seoul National University;
  • Mr. Maxwell De Silva – Secretary-General of National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka;
  • Prof. Richard Giulianotti – School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, Loughborough University;
  • Mr. Barry Maister ONZM – Member of International Olympic Committee (NZM).

2013 DT Seoul Forum
Group photo of the speakers and DTM staffs after the forum / http://dtm.snu.ac.kr

2014 Dream Together Forum

2014 snu dtm forum

Topic: Sport for Global Development

Purpose: To share and promote sports values ​​with not only the Korean but also with the Asian sports communities.


  • Prof. Jean-Loup Chappelet – Public Management at the Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration;
  • Prof. Gertrud Ursula Pfister – Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sport, University of Copenhagen;
  • Mr. Gerardo René Aguirre Oestmann – President of Guatemalan Olympic Committee;
  • Mr. Barry Maister ONZM – Member of International Olympic Committee (NZM).

2014 SNU DTM all
Group photo of DTM staffs and students and all the speakers of the forum / http://dtm.snu.ac.kr

The 2014 DT Seoul Forum was designed to provide an international platform to address the topic of ‘Sport for Global Development’, which is consistent with that of the Olympic Movement’s sport for development initiative. The forum also intended to celebrate its second year of launching the Dream Together Master Program.

2015 Dream Together Forum

2015 snu dtm forum

Topic: Future Management Strategy of Sport Organizations

Purpose: To discuss and share ideas and experiences in the field of management for sport governing bodies.


  • Dr. Gudrun Doll-Tepper – Vice president of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB);
  • Mr. Vath Chamroeun – Secretary-General of the National Olympic Committee of Cambodia;
  • Prof. Packianathan Chelladurai – Distinguished Professor of Troy University;
  • Mr. Isai Cruz Perez – Strategic Director and Administrative Director in Center of Sport Science and Medicine, Autonomous Sport Confederation of Guatemala.

2015 DTM all
Group photo of the speakers of the 2015 DT Seoul Forum / http://dtm.snu.ac.kr

2016 Dream Together Forum

2016 snu dtm forum

Topic: Ethics in Sport Management

Purpose: To share and discuss future strategies for the ethical management of sports organizations.


  • François Carrard – Chairman of FIFA Reform Committee (FIFA);
  • Michael Chambers – Chairman of Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC);
  • David Howman – Former Director-General of World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA);
  • Stefan Szymanski – Professor of University of Michigan;
  • Sylvia Schenk – Chair of Working Group on Sport, Transparency International Germany (TI).

2016 DTM panel discuss
Panel discussion on ethics in sport titled ‘Ethics in Sport Management’ / http://dtm.snu.ac.kr

“I got the opportunity to attend the 2014, 2015 DT Seoul Forums and 2016 DT Seoul Forum as a DTM Alumni Contest winner,” DTM graduate student (2th batch) and Sport Specialist Administrative Director National Olympic Committee of Togo, ABALO Houéssouvi Maurice said. “I am still impressed to see that a sport management study program came up with such a great event that gathers global sport leaders, scholars, and students every year to reflect and share about sport”.

François Carrard, Chairman of FIFA Reform Committee
François Carrard, Chairman of FIFA Reform Committee / http://dtm.snu.ac.kr

“Unlike other sport forums, DT Seoul Forum is so far the best as it offers the unique opportunity for various sport stakeholders to come together and share thoughts on a specific theme often linked to one of the current reality in the sports field,” Abalo Maurice added.

2017 Dream Together Forum

2017 snu dtm forum

Topic: Olympic Legacy and Sustainability: From Past to Future

Purpose: To promote the upcoming 2018 Pyeong Chang Winter Olympic Games and to facilitate developing the Olympic legacy in general.


  • Ser Miang Ng – IOC Executive Board Member;
  • Jee-Chul Oh – Former Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism;
  • John Furlong – Former President & CEO of the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC);
  • Ben Fletcher – Director of Strategy, Marketing and Communication, The London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC);
  • Jooho Kim – Vice-President of the PyeongChang Organizing Committee for the 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (POCOG);
  • Hiromi Kawamura – Public Relations Secretary of the Tokyo Organizing Committee for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games(TOCOG).

2017 DTM all
Group photo of DTM staff, students, and all the speakers of the forum / http://dtm.snu.ac.kr

“The top-level sport’s administrators attended the DT Seoul Forum 2017. The Olympic movement key points related to the upcoming Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang 2018,” DTM graduate student (5th batch) Iaroslav Tokmachov highlighted.

5th batch 2017 forum
5th batch students at the 2017 DT Seoul Forum: Batyr Kadyrbiuly (Kazakhstan), JR Reyes (Philippines), Merey Tan (Singapore), Iaroslav Tokmachov (Ukraine), May Kim (South Korea), Sivarajah Gobinath (Sri Lanka)

“Discussing the Olympic legacy and sustainability topic was interesting, especially in terms of “past and future” perspective. It was interesting to get acquainted with the leadership of the future February Olympics 2018 and learn many different nuances regarding the preparation, creation, and management of the sports event,” Iaroslav Tokmachov added.

2018 Dream Together Forum

2018 snu dtm forum

Topic: Sport for Peace

Purpose: To discuss peacebuilding through sports.


  • HRH Prince Feisal Al-Hussein – IOC Member, was a keynote speaker;
  • Mike Cronin – Professor of Boston College Ireland;
  • Beatriz Mejia – Executive Director and Founder of International Group for Peace;
  • Manfred Laemmer – Professor of German Sport University Cologne;
  • Young-il Na – Professor of Seoul National University;
  • Ramona Mohd Razali – Deputy Secretary-General and 3rd batch Dream Together Master alumnus;
  • Norkamarul Norzam – Special Officer to the Secretary-General Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia introduced the case of sport multiracial unity.

2018 DTM panelists
Group photo of the panelists and speakers of the forum. / http://dtm.snu.ac.kr

“It was a real privilege to be one of the panelists for the 2018 Seoul Forum under the topic “Sport for Peace,” DTM graduate student (5th batch) and Marketing and Media Manager at the NOC Sri Lanka, Sivarajah Gobinath commented. “As a person who was born and grown up in a war area, I could have an excellent opportunity to share my experience of how sports came across to my life to promote peace in my region in my country. Also, across the globe, with the IOC Member as well as the leading international speakers in Korea in 2018.”

Sivarajah Gobinath speaking about the Sport for Peace at the DT Seoul Forum 2018
Sivarajah Gobinath speaking about the Sport for Peace at the DT Seoul Forum 2018

5th batch DTM students: Kiki (Indonesia), Yaro (Ukraine), Paulina Pino (Ecuador), Sigo (Sri Lanka), Oscar Kurwana (Botswana), Nicholas Chipeta (Zambia).
5th batch DTM students: Rijki Kurniawan (Indonesia), Iaroslav Tokmachov (Ukraine), Paulina Pino (Ecuador), Sivarajah Gobinath (Sri Lanka), Oscar Kurwana (Botswana), Nicholas Chipeta (Zambia)

Sophoan Buy (3rd batch Cambodia), Tara Talitha (3rd batch Indonesia), Norkamarul Norzam (3rd batch Malaysia)
Sophoan Buy (3rd batch Cambodia), Tara Talitha (3rd batch Indonesia), Norkamarul Norzam (3rd batch Malaysia)

2019 Dream Together Forum

2019 snu dtm forum

Topic: Sport Value and Diffusion

Purpose: To discuss sport development with the topic of sport for a change.


  • Prof. Ian Paul Henry – Loughborough University;
  • Junghwa Pyo – Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • Prof. Dongju Choi – Sookmyung Women’s University;
  • Ms. Niki Koutrou – University of Kent;
  • Jungnam Kim – PyeongChang 2018 Legacy Foundation.

Mauricio Hernandez - DTM Contest prize winner
Mauricio Hernandez – DTM Alumni Contest prize winner

The DT Seoul Forum 2019 was a time for DTM alumni to share their post-graduation accomplishments. Honorable mentions: DTM alumni Mauricio Hernandez, Director of Transparency in Sport; Ihsan Abdallah from Palestine Football Association; Umair Asif, Executive Director from Kafka Welfare Organization; and Tara Talitha Former Sr. Member of INASGOC.

DT SF 2019 prize winners
2019 DT Seoul Forum DTMA contest winners

2020 Dream Together Forum

2020 Dream Together Seoul Forum


2020 Dream Together Seoul Forum will be held on 20th November 2020. It hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and organized by the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation (KSPO).

2019 DT Seoul Forum alumni

“Last years’ forum on Sport Value and Diffusion was interesting by the exceptional sessions and experienced speakers in the field,” DTM student (7th batch) Maria Barakat said. “We got to network with the participating alumni, learning about the projects they have worked on after graduating, professors, speakers, and other field stakeholders. This year DT Seoul Forum will feel different that participants will not be able to take part in it physically. I am quite excited to participate in this years’ DT Seoul Forum entitled ‘Sport for a Better World,’ which will spot the light on a new concept and field of study; the ‘untact era’ and probably how different aspects of the sports sector have changed and what roles they are playing for a better world.”

DT Seoul Forum 2019

“After that, once again, I won the best practice proposal, conducted by DTM Alumni,” Sivarajah Gobinath added. “Then I was invited as a speaker again to the 2020 Seoul Forum. My presentation is titled  “Teqball Federation in Sri Lanka” which is a relatively newly established national federation in Sri Lanka. It has already got membership from the ministry of sports, NOC of Sri Lanka as a co-opted member, as well we got a membership from the international federation. Teqball is one of the fastest-growing sports, and we got a chance even seven months since I’ve joined that project as a manager. I could be able to achieve all these things with the Teqball project.”

Despite the difficulties associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, the forum will take place and will be held at the site and online. Current students and alumni will take part in the 2020 DT Seoul Forum. The entire DTM family is the key link in the chain of the forum. Also, people interested in building peace and a better world through sports are welcome to the 2020 DT Seoul Forum. For online registration, please visit www.dtmkorea.org

Following is the line-up for this year’s forum:

  • Joon OH – Professor of Kyung Hee Univ., Former Korean Ambassador to the UN and the 71st President of the UN Economic and Social Council;
  • Joonho KANG – Director of DTM;
  • Yangwoo PARK – Minister of MCST;
  • Myungho LEE – President of KPC;
  • Soyoung KIM – Attending Member of Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee of Soul Metropolitan Council;
  • Saejeong PARK – Ph.D. , Team Manager of Sport Sceince Team for the Future National Athletes, KISS;
  • Junghoon OH – Principal of Isu Middle School;
  • Changho MOON – Deputy General Manager of the Seoul Shinmun Daily;
  • Gobinath Sivarajah 5th Batch (Sri Lanka) Teqball Federation of Sri Lanka – A Newly Established National Federation;
  • Soe Soe Myar 4th Batch (Myanmar) First Election by New Constitution;
  • Matsepo Khau 3rd Batch (Lesotho) Safeguarding Sport for Children and Vulnerable people in Lesotho;
  • Arram KIM(Manager of Talent Development Team, Pyeongchang 2018 Legacy Foundation).

Daulina Osmani
DT Seoul Forum 2019

Talking about this year’s forum, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the organizers have faced many changes. Since South Korea’s response to COVID-19 has generated significant interest from the international community, it was invited to share successful experiences. It is essential to take one step forward to prevent a similar situation and prepare for the next stage. Therefore, the topic of this year’s forum has become entirely brought  – “Sports for a Better World.” Through this theme, the forum’s organizing committee wants to cover a pressing issue and like to take the lead and take it one step further. According to the organizers, this concept aligns with the core value and primary goal of the Dream Together Master program.

DT Seoul Forums are so far the best as it offers the unique opportunity for various sport stakeholders to come together and share thoughts on a specific theme often linked to one of the current reality in the sports field. By doing so, DT Seoul Forums offer the participants to be aware of the ongoing trends continuously.

This is a good opportunity for DTM graduates to adjust to the permanent changes occurring in the field as they return to their respective sports organizations. Something very huge is happening in the world with innovative Korea’s Dream Together Master program.

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