Better sports governance by reason of transparency

The problem of corruption in sports is no longer news as some sports organizations have lost credibility due to several infractions that have been tied to bad governance issues. Due to the nature of some of these sports organizations as non-profit associations in addition to an absence of transparency, and the huge commercialization in sport, this has created a likely climate for corruption.

In some cases, especially at the lower lever like the National federations, it falls on the lack of knowledgeable leadership which results in Cheating in sport or inside sports federation which contradicts the estimations of the value and fair play sports propagate.

Transparency has been identified as a key component in creating a better sports governance culture

By the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF) in its five indicators of good governance. Mauricio Hernandez is leading the drive for change in sports governance in Colombia and Latin America. This, then, marked the focus of his presentation at the 2019 Dream Together Seoul forum “Sport value and diffusion.” His presentation on a working project entitled, “Transparency in Sport,” represents his work toward a massive collection of online open courses geared towards the education and transparency of sports governance in Latin America.

Mauricio Hernandez
Mauricio Hernandez, Founder of

transparenciaeneldeporte collaborates with public, private, and civil society organizations to promote positive change in sport. The program uses technology and collaboration to facilitate open government, evidence-based decision making, and multi-stakeholder governance.

“The goal of the project is to protect the integrity of the sport,” he said.

“And we are proposing to do two things. One is to create an online platform to deliver education. Our business model is based on the assumption that we can sell massive online open courses on the internet in Spanish for Latin American people. It is the creation of courses online, cheap courses at a low cost, very low cost. Just for less than 10 dollars.” The project aims to solve sports corruption issues by building trust in sports through proper education – that is, by offering easy access to information and creating public awareness of issues such as sexual abuse, anti-doping match-fixing.

Potential consumers: athletes, officials, coaches, referees, sports managers, board members, and other policymakers.

As part of a reward system that aims to encourage federations in Latin America to embrace transparency in sports, the second objective of this organization is to create national sports governance awards – aimed at recognizing best practices in different federations in a bid to inspire others.

Sports Transparency
Positive + change = key points of the Transparency in Sport by

“We are having some impact, at least in Colombia,” Hernandez said, “and I am also have given advice to another organization in Panama called ‘Prost Sports Panama,’ and they are doing the same thing and excelling. So, my dream is that other DTM students can lead the project of transparency in sport in their own countries.”

With clients among public entities that sponsor sports, sports organizations, and athletes Guilds the platform has developed a global network with 138 sports administrators from 49 countries.

Go Global

The project took part in global events such as the Play the Game World Conference in the United States and the Conference of the World Association of Sports Administration in Chile; and locally as the 1st Forum for Integrity in Public Resources with the Pereira Municipal Comptroller’s Office.

Several organizations that supported the latest research on elite sport governance in Colombia include the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism and the Foundation for the Promotion of Sports in Korea. In September 2019, Hernandez joined the “Sports and Governance Commission” from ACODEPA (Pan American Sports Association) a move that he believes will have an impact on all the affiliated American Confederations.

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Chidiebere Ezeani
Sports Journalist (Nigeria)
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