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healthy nutrition balance in the mind
Healthy nutrition balance must in the mind of every person, who wants to achieve the results / healthy nutrition

Following up on the healthy lifestyle discussion, this article will talk about nutrition as an integral “partner” of physical activity or sport on your way to a healthy body.

When it comes to a healthy lifestyle and weight loss, many immediately think that they need to go to the gym and train hard or practice a sport extensively. Only then will they achieve the healthy and ideal body of their dreams. What if I tell you that 70-80% of your success is not so much the physical activity or sport but the right nutrition for you? 

What does this mean? The point I am trying to make here is that each person will have his or her own ideal nutrition. Thus, I emphasize on this practice called intuitive eating or intuitive nutrition. Working as a trainer, who very often experiments with loads and my diet, I identified for myself the key results of intuitive nutrition:

  1. A feeling of lightness,
  2. Energy, and
  3. Only a slight feeling of hunger which comes a little later.

On the basis of these outcomes, I have determined the right food for my body. Let’s now try to figure out what steps can be taken in this type of nutrition and its advantages.

Before and After

An essential step is to record your feelings before and after meals. You can either make mental notes of how you feel after eating (start with at least one meal a day) or keep a food diary. It is very helpful to have tangible records to see what kinds of food causes feelings of heaviness and lethargy and what kinds of food causes feelings of lightness and brings energy. 

You will be amazed by how this works! When you live and eat without regard, then you cannot know how to improve your nutrition. A daily record can help you find out how your nutrition can be done differently towards a healthier body.

Keep your balance between healthy nutrition, sports, and a regular lifestyle/ picture 

Another important step is to choose your diet by first trying both different foods and different methods of preparing it. I advise you to eat particular diets in weeks. For instance, you can have a week of only boiled food, a week of only baked food, a week without meat (only fish), a week without fish (only meat), a week without sweets, etc. This method can only be limited by your imagination. This will also help you find your ideal diet, change your eating habits and improve your feeling of your body. Through this method, I lost almost 10 kg despite the fact that I always felt full.

Intuitive Nutrition

After discussing steps that can help in your journey towards intuitive nutrition, I want to now talk about a few of its advantages. For one, you will naturally give up “junk food,” without any restrictions and diets. This will cleanse your body and maximize your energy since the body will not waste any energy on processing “junk food.” Ultimately, you will lose weight in this new norm as you get rid of food addictions, if any, and improve your overall health and well-being.

This, in fact, should be enough to begin with. Intuitive nutrition is exciting and extensive and I will expound on it in future articles. For now, always remember that sports and nutrition go hand in hand. As with sports and with food, there is no need for fanaticism. Try to find some kind of pleasure in this and take control of your body. Never stop experimenting as you learn to love yourself more. 

Thank you all for your attention, and have a great day.

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Tomas Kamusaki
High-performance basketball & fitness coach (ESP)

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