The pleasure of doing sports: myth or reality?


Today we will analyze the main factor that will help you become healthier and fall in love with physical activity. I know, that many people do not feel the pleasure of doing sports. But why?

In my opinion, this is due to the media. Today, social networks are full of photos of beautiful and pumped-up bodies of athletes. These people adhere to a regime and limit themselves in many ways to achieve such results: to get up at 4:30 in the morning, to drink only water and spend 24/7 in the gym, and so on.

The person forces himself to some activity and the desire to do something disappears. When you start to think in the smallest detail about the ways to achieve the goal, you always meet a lot of resistance from yourself. So, where is this notorious happiness? Where can you find pleasure in sports?

The answer is simple – EVERYTHING IS IN OUR HEAD!

Everything in your head/ source

It would be best to stop listening to those who say that sport is challenging and to do it – is very hard (we do not talk about professional athletes). Just relax, turn on your favorite music, walk 500 meters more than usual, and do push-ups 1-2-5 times. Actually, it doesn’t matter how much. The main goal – to enjoy this process: from the fact that you can do it, and feel how your muscles are filled with blood and revive. Take away all the prejudices about how much you need to lose, how you should look, how many calories to burn, how much more exercise…

But before you take your first steps towards sports, I would like to tell you about a few of the most common myths. One of these myths is loved by everyone, but it is far from reality.

Myth №1: sweating = weight loss

Often, many people think that the more they sweat, the better they work, and after they faster lose weight. Partly, they are right, but…Okay, let me tell you briefly how it works…

During exercise, the body overheats, and sweating acts as a thermoregulator (maintains the temperature within normal limits and cools the skin); the body’s hydration is also maintained through perspiration. Based on the above, you can sweat for various reasons: air temperature; excess water in the body; “hot” clothes; overweight; the level of physical fitness. So, you should not be guided by how much you sweat, and especially you should not think that you did not work out well if you sweat a little.

Tomas Kamusaki
Tomas while practicing / Instagram

Myth №2: more = better

For all the time that I have been working with people, almost everyone was sure that more – is better. After a certain amount of training, I manage to convey to people that it is better when you are healthy and have enough time to recover. Starting to train, people want everything at once, while not understanding the capabilities of their body and the fact that everything can immediately lead to injury. No doubts, that this way is direct to hate sports in the future.

Play smart/ Source

Start slowly and with pleasure

You won’t notice how this process turns into a habit that will make your life better. Any of your activities will fill you even more with energy, which you can spend on anything. Sports, combined with nutrition and other factors (on what we will talk about in the next articles), in the future will give you many more years of life that you can spend with your family and your favorite pastime.

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Tomas Kamusaki
High-performance basketball & fitness coach (ESP)

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