Sports evolution of human beings


Today I propose to talk about such a topic as sports. Many people underestimate sports’ power and think that sports relate only to professional athletes, and ordinary people, non-professionals, do not have to do it. However, if you start to understand this point in more detail, it will become clear that our body has been forming for thousands of years, and throughout this time, people were forced to lead an active lifestyle. Furthermore, in my opinion, the need for an argument and physical activity are already sewn into our bodies: the body’s need at a level with instincts, this is part of our DNA.

Sports evolution of human beings

Everyone of us has an “inner beast?”

Every year, every month, day-by-day, many things simplify our life, but these things gradually lull our “inner beast,” which wants to run, jump, and joviality. If you look at the domesticated animals closest to humans – a cat and a dog, what do they do first thing when they go out?…right! They start running around like crazy, climbing trees, etc. They give themselves up to their impulses and instincts completely (sometimes so hard to drive them back home). I want to say that everyone is the same “cat” and the same “dog”. While our “animals” are sleeping, physically, they want to move and be active because “movement is a life.”

Due to the enormous abundance of information, people are afraid to start; they do not know which training system to choose, the type of nutrition and blah blah blah, no need to choose and wait…just begin to move. Whether it is jogging, exercising in the morning, hiking to the places where you usually went by transport – allow your body to respect thousands of years of evolution, and you will not regret it. No doubts!

As a former professional athlete, I have worked with people in China, Ukraine, and Spain for four years. And I noticed that many people are unwilling to start playing sports. Any new activity for them is a way out of their comfort zone. Sports are no exception. But, they will understand the most important difference – BEFORE and AFTER when they start doing sports. After beginning to practice, they will no longer imagine their life without movement and physical activity after some time.

Go in for sports, love yourself, and respect your body.

In the next publications, I would like to share more information with you — peace and health to everyone.

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Tomas Kamusaki
High-performance basketball & fitness coach (ESP)

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